New BatchDPG released

For all you DS homebrewers out there, a new version of BatchDPG has been released which brings it up to version 1.54.

This is what’s new in BatchDPG v1.54, according to Ghost:

  • Added Context menu at job list
  • Fixed wierd bug when clicking job list
  • Better file Drag&Drop speed
  • Fixed System Shutdown related bug after encoding
  • Added System Shutdown alert message, shutdown can be canceled by click OK

{Edit} Updated the download to contain the latest versions of the programs. The old file was removed thanks to some stupid French company requesting MediaFire to take it down for all the wrong reasons, it was nothing to do with this post.

Also, I (MGaceman) cannot provide any technical assistance of the use of these programs, you just install AviSynth and then run BatchDPG. Here’s a video…

You can get BatchDPG 1.61 along with AviSynth 2.5.8 in this zip file.

14 thoughts on “New BatchDPG released

  1. Neat
    I’ve been using BatchDPG v1.0 for a while now.
    After just accdently shutingdown my pc because i didn’t add the queue before starting, i’ll be enjoying this update

  2. Hi Aceman – thanks for the useful DS info! Being able to batch-convert video is a real time-saver.

    BTW, that mediafire link doesn’t seem to actually download when using FireFox 3.0. Works fine in IE 6 though.

  3. Hmm, I’ve just got the file using FF3 and again with DownThemAll, so I’m not sure why it didn’t download…

    Thanks for visiting, I’ll be keeping a bit more up-to-date with DS homebrew stuff over the Summer, including a post coming up about a new DSOrganize!

  4. Dloading with Firefox 3.0 works fine for me. Thanks! I like how it’s more compact! :D.

  5. how do i get movies to play on my nintendo ds.
    i have just bought one for the missus and its her birthday in two days. i wanna get this done for her asap.
    please help

  6. To watch movies on a DS, you will first need a Slot-1 card (I recommend the R4DS, though you can also use cards like DSTT, EDGE, M3, or similar cards. You will need to buy them over the internet though. When buying an R4DS, make sure you get a SDHC version, which supports microSD larger than 2GB).
    Then, you need to buy a microSD card… I recommend at least a 2GB one, about 5 movies will fit on it, maybe 6.
    Then just use BatchDPG to convert your movie files (you might need to rip them off DVD first) to dpg files, and put them on the microSD card.
    Then, after booting your DS with the Slot-1 card in it, you should choose mediaplayer. You can then select a movie and watch it!

  7. I just downloaded your program and it won’t let me change .avi files to .dpg. Some kind of error. Can I get some help?

  8. Hope this will work for me..
    I`m trying for months now 😀
    I know, i`m a loser with a PC 😀

  9. hey uhm..
    my batchdpg gives an error when i try to convert…
    it says :
    Conversion failed. Open C/:(blabla)/video.np4”.avs’ in a media player and take note of the error message.
    this box will time out in 30 seconds.

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