Using SUPER © to encode DS videos

Due to boredom and the fact I like messing around with programs, I decided to make a video of how to use SUPER © to encode videos for the Nintendo DS.

I made a post about it in October 2007, but now you can see the process through this video…

SUPER © can be downloaded from and is completely free.

Featured music is a free download of Disturbed – Perfect Insanity which can be found on and their MySpace @

Although I use ©acemanonline Productions Ltd. 2008, this video is non-profit, non-commercial and under this Creative Commons license

2 thoughts on “Using SUPER © to encode DS videos

  1. uhm i couldn’t find the link to download the super c…sum1 please help me?!!I might be blind or sumthin but i really couldn’t find it….

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