Video on the DS, the SUPER way

Since I still get an average of 1082 views per day (based on September viewing figures) here due to people in search of stuff to do with the R4DS, this latest post willSettings on SUPER benefit those people that are struggling to use BatchDPG.

By clicking on the image, you will see a bigger version showing the settings needed to have a good quality .dpg file. Just three things are needed:

  1. AviSynth is still required in the event you want to encode using avs (it can be downloaded from here, but it also has BatchDPG, sorry I don’t have a separate download)
  2. The K-Lite Codec Pack FULL version for all the codecs you need, be sure to install encoding codecs, they’re the ones needed to convert into.
  3. Finally, you will need SUPER©. That’s it.

Once everything is installed, open SUPER©, change the settings to like in the image (it’s really just a case of selecting ‘Nintendo DS’ in the 1st dropdown menu and raising the bitrate slightly) drag and drop a media file into the box at the bottom or right-click to choose a file, click ‘Encode (Active Files)’ and that’s it.

It should encode pretty much every format going, including QuickTime (of which you may need QuickTime Alternative from here), I can’t really help if you have any problems, but everything should work as it’s so simple. To download a sample dpg which I encoded from .mov, get this latest The Sims Castaway trailer, put it onto your R4DS and play on your DS through Moonshell (Media). The sound of the trailer isn’t my fault, the original .mov file had ‘broken’ sound 😦

Comment, opinion or feedback, your choice!

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