Connecting an Xbox 360 through Windows 7 [Updated]

If you’ve had either a laptop with Windows 7 installed, an Xbox 360 or even both as Xmas presents, here is a picture guide to connecting the Xbox 360 to the laptop to connect wirelessly to Xbox Live without the need for the X360 wireless connector.

What you will need:
A laptop with Windows 7 installed
An Xbox 360
An ethernet crossover cable
A wireless router
About 5 minutes to set all this up

Connect the Xbox 360 to the laptop with the crossover cable and turn them both on (preferably the laptop first).

X360 connd lappy

Here’s a brief video of the process (watch in HD for better view)…

Go to the Control Panel and choose ‘Network and Internet’

Win 7 Ctrl Panel

Then choose ‘Network and Sharing Center’ and click on the ‘Wireless Network Connection’ link which should be the connection you’re using to go on the internet and stuff…

Network and Sharing Center

Now you need to go into the ‘Properties’ of your connection…

Internet Settings Properties

Next, click the ‘Sharing’ tab…

Click the Sharing tab

Check that ticks are in the boxes…

Tick all boxes in Sharing

Now when you go back to ‘Network and Sharing Center’, the Xbox should show up as part of the network and you should be able to connect to Xbox Live, the only problem with this (if you consider it a problem) is that you need to have the laptop on while connected.

X360 connected

Now that it shows in the ‘active networks’, you should be able to connect to Xbox Live…

Signed in wirelessly

There are several videos on YouTube that don’t really show or go into everything or go on too unnecessarily long for what is essentially a simple task..

[Update] Sorry for the epically late reply, I get asked a lot (mostly on YouTube) why or what if there isn’t a Sharing tab, simple solution.

Go to – Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools, double-click Computer Management, then click on Services as seen in the image below…


Scroll down to Internet Connection Sharing, click it (or right-click) and select Start.

EVERY Windows PC/laptop has this, if it doesn’t, you’re either using a different Operating System, you don’t have Administrative Rights or being a sad, pathetic, lonely troll who won’t get fed here.

You might have to restart (reboot) the computer for the change to take effect, but once the ICS service is started, you should then see the Sharing tab.

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