Best. Vine. Ever.

People make Vines, they generally suck or obviously try too hard, but this guy has them all beat. Not only that, you have to give major kudos to his little brother who plays an amazing part in the 6-second clip which appears to be for some kind of contest.

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Oh Nicole, You Had ONE Job

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘a rule of thumb’? It usually means, like in this case, that if you’re going to promote something and especially the latest and greatest product from an internationally renown company, you would use said product when waxing lyrical about it.

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Slight Mobile Gaming Addiction

Me? Nah. I did go through a bit of a phase of downloading every free game I liked the look of, but then realised I only have 8GB of space (around 5.6GB in reality) on the iPhone and my old Samsung Galaxy S has gone sluggish.

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Phone Contact Images

Unless you sync your contacts with an online service, how do you get a picture of someone to use on your phone to show up when they call? I suppose you could just snap a pic on your phone while you’re with them some time if you’re cheeky enough.

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