Softmodding an Xbox (original, not 360)

Xbox guide picThis is a guide on how to softmod your Xbox for playing homebrew apps, emulation and other stuff. This is just one way of doing it and is the tried and tested way, there’s crazy talk of using Splinter Cell or MechAssault too, well they can be used as pointed out in the guide.As a precaution, I must warn you that you risk knackering up your Xbox if you don’t do things right, doing it wrong means you’re a complete idiot as it’s easier than asking the sexy young assistant at the chemist for a pack of condoms.You will need:
Stuff needed to softmod

You will also need which can be found here.

Now for the guide:

1. Make sure your AR (Action Replay) software is installed on your pc. Plug your USB Link Cable that your got from your AR into your pc. Pop your memory card into the USB Link Cable. Wait for XP to read it and give you the ok.

2. Download

3. Run your AR software. Drag the entire zip folder to the AUF folder on your memory card. Should take some time.

4. Boot up your xbox with no disc inside. Go to Memory section and choose to copy the large (around 500 blocks) 007 file to your harddrive.

5. Back out and start up AUF w/o your memory card. Choose load missing and select to load from harddrive.

6. The screen should now go black and you are ready to set up your new dashboard. There should be a page that displays ltools and says “007: Agent Under Fire”. Hit B. Go down and selelct “Install UDE”. Press A to continue. Press UDE2 (You must have a NTSC xbox for this!). If you dont, hit A. You can either choose XMX or EvoX as your new dashboard. EvoX is the preferred choice.

7. It will now install. This may take up to or more then 30 min.

An alternative, but basically the same…

1. Insert the Memory Card and turn on the Xbox.
2. Select Memory on the main MS Dash menu.
3. Select your Memory Card.
4. Select the Game save.
5. Select Copy, and then select your Xbox HDD. After a couple of seconds the game save will be on the Hard Drive. Remember that with Splinter cell there are 2 files, the Linux Installer and the Splinter Cell saves.

Now, reset your Xbox and insert the original game, which is either 007 Agent under Fire, MechAssault, or Splinter Cell. Please note that Xbox Classics versions will not work, so you need to get an old copy of this (second hand would be your best bet).

Once you have loaded the game, you have to load the game save. All three games have different ways of doing this, which is explained below:

  • 007 Agent under Fire: When you’re at the main menu of the game, select “Load Mission” and then highlight “Xbox HDD”. Press A to boot the Installer.
  • MechAssault: When you’re at the main menu of the game, select “Campaign” and then highlight “Run Linux”. The information below should be shown when highlighting this, if so press A to boot the Installer. If not, your version of MechAssault is too new (the exploit was patched in later releases).

Controls: Normal
Difficulty: Regular
Current Level: Going Down Hard

  • Splinter Cell: When you’re at the main menu of the game, select “Load Game” and then highlight “Linux”. Press A to boot the Installer.

You are finished modding! Now you can save games, movies, pics, apps, emu’s and more on your hdd and have no need for discs.

Another guide with links to files for Splinter Cell and MechAssault is on softmod page 2.FAQ
Q. Can I use the Platinum version of Agent Under Fire?A. No! Must be the original!

Q. What xbox version does this work on?

A. The kernel version does not matter anymore. So yes, any version as long as you are using UDE2.

Q. Can I use UDE2 on a new PAL xbox?

A. No, this is the only downside. There are ways around it but I have not had to do this so I dont know them. Please check out for info on it.

Q. Help me!!! I have a new xbox (1.6) and the screen goes green and other colors when the softmod begins.

A. That is normal for v1.6 xboxs, just let it go til you see the eject led flashing.

Q. After modding is there any way to get back to the original MS dashboard?

A. Yes! At the main screen there will be an option to launch the MS Dash.

Q. Can I played burned games on my xbox?

A. Yes! Although, information on where to get and how to burn illegal retail iso’s won’t be found here.

Q. What type of media should I used?

A. Try to stay away from cd-r. Most xbox’s are not compatible with most types of cd-r. Its best to use re-writable media.

Q. Can I install a larger into my soft-modded xbox?

A. Yes! It takes some effort and could damage your new hdd if you dont follow the guide I will be adding shorty.

Q. How do I play games from my xbox hdd?

A. You have to setup an FTP between your pc and your xbox.

Q. Can I play movies on my xbox?

A. Yes! By using either Xbox Media Center or Xbox Media Player.

Q. What’s the difference between XBMC and XBMP (the above question)?

A. Not much, they are pretty much the same. Its just about what you prefer.

Q. Does this mean I can play DivX and Xvid movies?

A. Yes! You can also play vcd’s.

Q. Will Mad Catz GameSaves work instead of AR?

A. I have not tested this. I would assume it would work as long as you have a memory card.

Q. I dont have AUF can I use Mech Assault or Splinter Cell (the original).

A. Yes! But you must use either OR ltools_v1.7_SC_NTSC.rar depending on which game you have.

Q. Can I play on Xbox Live with a soft-modded xbox?

A. Nope, thanks to an update, you no longer can.

Q. Can I play burned games on XBL (Xbox Live)?

A. No, not unless you want your xbox to get banned.

Disclaimer: This is a guide to softmodding an Xbox that can be also be found elsewhere on the internet, I (aceman) or we (Mental Gamers) hold no responsibility for any circumstances resulting from the use of this guide. Mental Gamers and I do not endorse or condone any possible illegal activity from using a softmodded Xbox. The use of this guide is of the users responsibility, if anything goes wrong, it’s your own fault as nobody is not telling you to do it, just providing information on how it is possible. In other words, if you fuck it up, it’s your own fault.