aceman (no capital ‘A’, never has been)
Why aceman? Well, when I was around 18-19, I used to go to a pub where I would play Pool and one of the old regulars there would mis-read the name I used to put up on the board (you put your name up instead of leaving coins around the table, was easier to see who was next).

My old nickname, and still used by my mates, was ‘Aza’ – Darren > Daz > Daza > Aza. So I would write ‘Aza’ on the board, but old Pete read it as ‘Ace’, so when it came to using a pseudonym for the internet, my amazing imagination came up with ‘aceman’. The other name I use if ‘aceman’ is taken is theaceman and if that’s taken, then my fairly new moniker is MentalAceman which is my Gamertag and name for a few other things around the net.

The latest iteration I use is MGaceman. Back in 2005, I was part of a small group of guys who wanted to have a gaming news site and as a rebrand, I came up with the name Mental Gamers. I was given the MentalGamers.com domain back in 2010 and by then, I was using the MGaceman pseudonym.

Gaming History

I’ve always been interested in videogames and started off with the humble Speccy, which, despite its lack of colours andGood ol’ Speccy quite rough graphics, was gaming at it’s best. Those were the days where gameplay definitely triumphed over graphics, saying that though, some of the Public Domain demos were awesome.

The 128k version provided better sound, graphics were the same, but it meant you could load entire games instead of getting so far and then having to load the next level and the built-in tape deck meant SEGA Master Systemyou no longer had to fiddle about with jack leads and getting the volume on your tape recorder just right.

Console gaming started with the original Master System of which didn’t seem to last long, so I ended up getting a Master System II. Still on the Sega side of things, I went for the Mega Drive, but I didn’t get the first version, I was of the Mega Drive II generation of which I also managed to obtain the Mega CD drive for it.SEGA Mega Drive

One of the things I regret was selling the MD and MCD when I got the Saturn. There were games I’d only had for a few months and I went and sold them all for a paltry £190 or so. I got £75 for the Mega CD and a few games, so I pretty much broke even SEGA Saturnwith that, but even so, I still regret selling them.

I didn’t bother with handhelds until the late 90’s when I got the Gameboy, then the Gameboy Advance and finally the DS, pics of which can be found on the main site where there is also a pic of my Saturn. A few things I don’t have a pic of (and which I’m going to add to ‘My Stuff’ soon) are the failed Game.Com, Neo Geo Pocket Color and N64 (Pikachu Edition).The failed Game.Com

I have a DS, GameCube, PSP, PS2, Xbox and Xbox 360 and a Wii, so my videogaming habit continues. I’ve given up on PC gaming due to suffering too many problems in the past, it’s just too much hassle and the upgrading is a cost I don’t want to bother with either, so the PC is what I originally wanted it for in the first place, the internet.

I play some emulated stuff, a bit of MAME, some old games through DOSbox and the odd other game that doesn’t require a megasuperfantabulous spec of a PC to run, but I still need more RAM and a gfx card.

I enjoy working on the Mental Gamers site of which we provide news, opinions and reviews of games and I hope to do it for a long while yet. Just because I’m in my (almost mid) 30’s doesn’t mean I’m old and decrepid, I still enjoy playing videgames and it’s something I’ll do for years to come.

I’m not a fanboy of any company or system, I like gaming, although I went the Sega route doesn’t mean I preferred Sega over Nintendo, in all honesty, I didn’t really know about the NES/SNES at the time due to shops not really making the products that noticeable.


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I thought I would add this extra bit of text on the bottom here to say that, I’m not out to abuse or insult anyone intentionally, I like to see things on a realistic level and would just like people to not get so stressed about stuff.

Although I may seem tense, angry, irritated or whatever in some of my blog posts, I’m not. It might read like I’m all stressed out, but no, I’m always calm and rational when I type blog posts which means what is in the post is what I really meant to say.

I don’t just go off on a nonsensical rant with an aim to offend as many people as I can, just one blog post can take up to an hour before I decide to publish it after I’ve read it back around 5 times and I’d also like to point out that this is a personal blog, any opinions here are my own and not affiliated with anyone or anything in any way.

If you’ve taken the time to read through all this, I thank you and hope my blog has provided you with some entertainment and a bit of an insight into someone who takes life steady and just gets on with it. Remember: Stress kills.