What I Got Free Today #001


Thanks to a glitch today on the Xbox Live Marketplace today, I got the latest Fable 3 DLC for free.

Credit goes to @postabargain & @RidingOnTheWind

{Edit} Turns out it may not be the actual DLC, but just the content so you can play with others that have bought it. The Outfit is still free though.

Halo Reach Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live logo since 2005

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Haven’t blogged in a while, seem to be in pain most of the time with a dodgy ear which seemed to get infected when I went on holiday and still isn’t 100% 2 weeks later and my back is aching like buggery for some unknown reason, so yeah, everything’s all peaches and cream at the moment.

I still get random emails from crap I haven’t signed up for, the latest being SAGA insurance of which I’ve sent emails back to them trying to explain that I’m not the person that they think I am, ie: Mr J Trojak or something that bought their old man insurance or something, but I think they must need hearing aids and thincker glasses or are just ignorant since they haven’t replied.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about, it’s about the Xbox LIVE Gold 12+2 Month Membership Card – Halo Reach Branded from amazon which I bought from Zavvi, but is now £1 more on there, yet is still £33.93 from The Hut. Fourteen months of Xbox Live for just under £34 (approx $53/40) is a pretty decent price in my opinion, I’ve paid that for just 12 months in the past, so praise be for Special Edition or ‘Branded’ Xbox Live Gold cards, I don’t care that it’s Halo Reach since I won’t be getting the game due to not being a Halo fan, but I’ll gladly take advantage of the bonus two months.

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Free Xbox Live that will probably get you banned

Unless you already have a modded Xbox 360 that’s been banned or just don’t care if you get banned or not, then it seems someone who apparently knows someone that knows someone has posted a couple of codes which are supposed to give unlimited Xbox Live, and since you can rack up up to three years worth altogether, you could ‘redeem’ them three times.



I have doubts that they really work, if you want to try them out for yourself, feel free and if you get banned for doing so, I hold no responsibility as I’m just reposting after seeing this guy pretty much telling you to use them. I’m just interested in knowing whether they do work and if people would get banned for it… yeah, I’m pretty sadistic like that :p

{Edit}Due to the whining of the original poster of the codes of which he made public domain, I have put the codes as they originally were in co-ordinance with his Creative Commons license which does allow me to copy and distribute as I have attributed him by providing a link back to his original post. If he still wants to cry about my fair usage, then I suggest he takes a REALLY good look at his Creative Commons license and realise just how much of a child he’s been about it. Putting countless exclamation marks doesn’t make a comment any more valid. Once again, ‘dude’, welcome to the internet and enjoy your stay… oh, and look up ‘fair usage’ on Google.


Lost lives on…


If you own Rock Band 2, then you can have the chance to buy a couple of tracks, such as Drive Shaft’s “You All Everybody”.


Apparently, Geronimo Jackson’s “Dharma Lady” is also to be made available, if it isn’t already, but can’t find it on Xbox.com.

If you want to buy You All Everybody to play in Rock Band 2, visit Xbox.com to set it up for download or just go to the Rock Band Network in the game and you will be charged 80 MS Points for the privilige!