Project 030/365: Get Your Worm Out of My Hole

I’m not a big Worms fan, but I do like some of the games and especially the new one, Worms Crazy Golf which combines the wriggly little things with another favourite game I like to play on computer/consoles, golf.

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Project 019/365: He Posts a Blog on the Internet

He sees a game on Xbox Live that everybody is talking about. He ignores it, because it doesn’t seem very interesting to him. Months go by and he continues to ignore the game that has started winning awards from various outlets on the internet. A Christmas sale approaches on the digital distribution service, Steam of which the game is featured as a daily deal.

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Project 010/365: I’ve Got Water on My Brain

It was Steam sale time and there was a game I’d seen not too long before that I’d seen in a previous sale, but didn’t buy because I thought it would be a lower price in another one. When it appeared in the next sale, I figured it wasn’t going to be any cheaper, so Hospital Tycoon was in my cart and ready to be paid for after I’d browsed a bit more.

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Project 007/365: There’s No Business Like It

Another game that I’d had my eye on for quite a while was M.U.D. TV, but it never seemed to drop that low in price, so I bit the bullet in the last Steam sale and bought it at £4.99. I’d seen it on the net and wondered if it was on Steam, it wasn’t at the time, then when I did see it, it was a little more expensive than I was willing to pay.

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