Pinterest on iOS and Android

Pinterest finally became available to all and with it, an Android app was released and the iOS app got an update, so, what’s the difference between the iOS and Android versions of the Pinterest app? There’s no punchline, what I’ve done is taken screen caps of each version, so that you can compare the visuals.

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Project 016/365: What a Load of Balls

I don’t play many mobile games, even though I have quite a few installed on my Samsung Galaxy S, it’s only occassionally that I feel like playing something as I mostly use the phone for Facebook, Twitter and a few other apps. The first game I actually bought and paid for was Game Dev Story, but as part of a promotion over the new year, I managed to pick up some others for a bargain!

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Project 365, But Not Here…

I started the Post-A-Day WordPress challenge at the start of this year and due to other commitments, I stopped in April. This time will be different (yeah, you hear that all the time :p ) because it’s part of my plan to get more gaming done and a bid to get my Xbox 360 Gamerscore up to at least 50,000 by the end of the year (2012).

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