Slight Mobile Gaming Addiction

Me? Nah. I did go through a bit of a phase of downloading every free game I liked the look of, but then realised I only have 8GB of space (around 5.6GB in reality) on the iPhone and my old Samsung Galaxy S has gone sluggish.

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Project 016/365: What a Load of Balls

I don’t play many mobile games, even though I have quite a few installed on my Samsung Galaxy S, it’s only occassionally that I feel like playing something as I mostly use the phone for Facebook, Twitter and a few other apps. The first game I actually bought and paid for was Game Dev Story, but as part of a promotion over the new year, I managed to pick up some others for a bargain!

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Project 365, But Not Here…

I started the Post-A-Day WordPress challenge at the start of this year and due to other commitments, I stopped in April. This time will be different (yeah, you hear that all the time :p ) because it’s part of my plan to get more gaming done and a bid to get my Xbox 360 Gamerscore up to at least 50,000 by the end of the year (2012).

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