Project 029/365: Riders On the Storm

More adventuring took place in the land of dragons and speaking of which, I defeated my first Blood Dragon! We first encountered it when on a quest to recover something from some bandit leader, the chest in which we had to loot for the item was out on a ledge being guarded by the boss, so once he was defeated, I searched the chest for what we came for and upon closing, the dragon appeared.

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One Month of Project 365

It’s been four weeks since I started the Project 365 task and although I’ve had to backdate some posts, there are 28 posts for the year so far.

Although I may not have played the game I blog about on that day, it has been played within a few days and the screenshots/images/photos are new and from the gaming session being blogged about. It’s going quite well, even though there are a lot of Skyrim posts, that’s mostly because it’s the main game I’m playing, but I do play other games to blog about that breaks up the Skyrim posts.

Anyway, I hope your Project 365 blog is going well and if you’d like to see mine, just visit

Project 028/365: Imma Fall Out Wit You

I absolutely love(d) Fallout 3, I managed to get an awesome deal on the collector’s edition (Xbox 360) when it hadn’t long been released. The game on its own was still £29.99 to buy (even online), so to pop into a Gamestation store and buy the collector’s edition for under £23 was great and I played it for tens of hours.

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Project 027/365: Can I Have a Word

I’m usually quite good with words, I’m a very good reader, my main problem is knowing so many words and yet having the knowledge to put words together in such an elegant manner that you become besotted of emotions, somewhat eludes me. What upsets me a little though, is when word games like Quarrel use what I call, “Stupid words” that your average person wouldn’t think of.

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