Meeting the Family

Old style family photo

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Although it wasn’t in the best of circumstances, it was good to see a side of my family that I hadn’t seen for around 30 years. Yeah I know, that may make me sound old, but I’m only 38 (and for those that say that’s old, better kill yourself now) and to cut a long story short, my parents divorced when I was 4.

Anyway, my aunty and uncle came to pick us up to go to another uncles house to go from to my Grandads funeral, that was when I got to see aunties and uncles that I hadn’t seen for so long. Being my dad’s side of the family and me losing touch with him about 18 years ago, it meant I pretty much lost touch with the rest of that side of my family for that amount of time.

I was a bit nervous about seeing them, but as the day went on, it got easier. It was great to see my half-brothers and sister as the last time I saw them, they were still kids (I’m only 9 years older than my oldest half-brother, but he wasn’t at home when I last visited my dad), not only that, a whole bunch of cousins too. As it was time to get home, I had one of those ‘feel-10-years-old’ moments when my aunt said, “We still love you, you know!”, I didn’t know what to say or think, but it felt good to hear it.

I’ll be seeing them again in a few weeks as a kind of meetup and hopefully on more occassions, not just for my sake, but for my kids too to know that they have more family than they think.