When News Fails

It’s a relatively common sight, you’re browsing a news site, whether it be of a newspaper or purely internet-based, and you see a word in the headline that either shouldn’t be there or is a derivative of what should have been used. But what’s worse is when they go to start a paragraph or sentence and only get as far as one word…

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Plenty More Phish on the Internet

Phishing emails are so obvious these days, you would have to be a bit of an idiot not to recognize them, but the fact is, there are still some uneducated and naive people that may fall for some of the scams. You don’t need to be a tech geek or nerd to spot the obvious.
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Backwards Elementary

In another post about TV mistakes, I caught up with Elementary last night no thanks to Sky/Virgin Media not putting episode 17 on the catchup service, so I downloaded it (there was no other way of seeing it and it’s technically not illegal once a program has been broadcast).
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