Michelle Jenneke

Michelle Jenneke, Need I Say More?

It seems that with the Olympics just around the corner, Australian athlete Michelle Jenneke, who unfortunately didn’t qualify has gone viral due to her cute and sexy warm-up routine before she races.

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Vanessa Hudgens in nude photo shocker!

Vanessa HudgensWho? Well, she apparently stars in Disney’s tedious High School Musical films as “Gabriella, the sweet, innocent science geek” and has recently had a nude photo shown on the internet.

What makes it such a ‘scandal’ is down to her status of the character she plays and the fact that it’s a Disney film aimed at a young audience, but what I don’t understand is, why bring so much attention to it and why have so many parents already seen the photo? How did they find the photo and I suppose a more important question is, why were they searching for it in the first place?

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