More D4, Desk Dream Drama Development

The next D4 episode has started to make its way onto YouTube and as I looked at how I’m set up at the moment, I’ve realised I need to make the decision on a bigger desk become a reality quite soon.
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I Retrieved a Package…

Well, the wife did when she went to town and visited the Post Office for me. When the postie knocked the door on Tuesday, he couldn’t have knocked very hard or I’d have heard it. he was delivering a parcel which was too big to fit through the letterbox.

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R.I.P. LucasArts

It’s a sad day for videogames, Disney has decided to close LucasArts, so anything and everything that was in development will unlikely see the light of day, which apparently was a couple of Star Wars games including the anticipated Star Wars 1313, although, there is a distinct possibility it might get finished.
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