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What is That Icon, aceman?

I’ve changed the theme (again) to something nice and simple. It displays featured images how I want them to appear and the text is easy on the eye. The background took a bit of consideration, not to have a gradient, that was a no-brainer, but which colour to choose.
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Awards Ceremonies

BAFTA 2008

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Do we really need so many? From what I can tell, there are two running right now as I’m posting, BAFTA‘s and the Grammy’s, yet I hold no interest in either of them because I don’t care who wins what, it doesn’t make that program or film any more appealing to me.

I’ve seen something about the pointless, talentless oompa-loompa also known as Snooki was on the red carpet at the Grammy’s and apparently Jersey Shore has won something, just a pity it wasn’t the worst program, ever, but that could go to anything with Katie Price (Jordan) in.

It’s nice that TV programs are recognized in a similar way to movies, I just get a bit fed up of the need for so many, I suppose if I was a star or at least a cast member of one of the programs/movies that was featured in so many ceremonies, I wouldn’t complain. Anyway, good luck to whoever, I’ll read about it tomorrow, if I can be bothered…