Anime Pr0n Takes Over Subway

It happens every now and then, a big corporation gets attacked in some way, sometimes harmful, other times, like this, relatively harmless. The attacks vary in strength and intensity, but what Subway’s Facebook page suffered may not be classed as an attack, as such, but a harmless bout of spam that tarnishes the image of the company.

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Why Amateur Mirror Shots Fail

There are loads of models on Twitter that like to post teaser photos, but the mirror shot needs to be phased out. To be honest, it’s not really that much of a turn on anyway, is it? I’d rather see a photo that someone has taken of themself with a proper camera using the timer, not in front of a mirror with their phone.

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Topless Woman Doesn’t Download Porn


You really submitted that image to the BBC for the sake of this news article? What were you thinking? “I haven’t never ever downloaded pr0nz in my lief, imma gonna send this nce pic of me smiling wiv what I experienced get taken serously!!”

In the rest of the article, many might think she doth protest too much, but if she and/or her boyfriend didn’t downloadz teh pr0nz, then is it a case or either Wi-Fi jacking or just another scare tactic by another company trying to garner illicit monies from innocent people that have no clue about who or what is going on.

Anyway, the main topic here is the picture used for the article, yeah she isn’t topless as it looks like she’s in some kind of social club or something, but seriously, that pic and that title?