Social Networking, You’re Doing It Wrong

This is just an opinion, a bit of a rant if you will about what I experience on the three main social networks (although, you may not class Google+ as one of the main ones, yet) and how I think some people don’t seem to use it efficiently.

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Friends on Facebook don’t seem too bad, but as everyone knows due to having their own friends that have the same habit, text speak and typing like the way they talk is just so annoying (I don’t mean phonetically like a dyslexic person would).  My main argument to anyone that types in such a way is, you have a full keyboard at your disposal, please use it appropriately or not at all.

Even when using a mobile phone or other such device, it is no excuse for poor typing and/or spelling and especially if you’re using a smartphone since they tend to give you access to full, onscreen keyboards.

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Twitter, to me, is still a micro-blogging service. If I want to micro-blog what I’m doing, whether it be from a personal touch (actually typing in an update) or from a third-party service (such as Raptr or GetGlue), then I will, because that’s what Twitter is. What I don’t think Twitter is, is a chat platform.

I block or filter out anyone or anything that is chat related, as soon as I see #xxxxChat I will filter it out, because Twitter can be used for conversations, not chat. If you want to chat about SEO, gamification or whatever is going to spam timelines, please either use an alternative service or set up a chatroom on something like IRC (Internet Relay Chat) or Yahoo chat which still allows chatrooms. The majority of your Twitter followers aren’t going to care about your ‘chat’ unless that is all your follwer count consists of, other people who use Twitter to ‘chat’.

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As for the new kid on the block, I’ve already had to remove a few people who were shared in a circle that I thought would have been of interest to me, yet all they do is spam. One person thought it was relevant to share Twitter updates in Google+, when you’re tweeting from an event, remember this nice simple rule; the only people who care about the event are those already attending. I couldn’t believe the amount of posts when checking Google+, the first thought that came into my mind was, what is all this Twitter spam doing here?

It was similar to the Twitter chat as previously mentioned, but this was from a conference that I had zero interest in and the worst thing about it? I couldn’t filter it out, the only way I was going to avoid these posts was to do one of two things;

  1. Block (remove) the person
  2. Mute the posts

The second option would have been a laborious task, so opted for removing the person from the circle in order to get some kind of order back in my stream… or so I thought. Google+ is a nice system for sharing images and photographs with the ability to post an album to your stream, what some people don’t want to see are multiple posts containing individual images from that album. Here’s a little tip, you know when you add a comment/description to an image? Don’t click Share, click Cancel so that it doesn’t spam streams.

As you can probably establish from the last two networks, they have a common problem which is something that quite a few of the people who are the cause of the spam are sometimes the ones that think they’re helping and even tweet or post about spam being a problem.

I tried to make a similar point when commenting on a post about ‘how to #followFriday’ in which it was just another post on the internet that was trying to tell people how to do something properly, when all I tried to say was that people will see those posts and whether they choose to act upon the advice or not is up to them, but while the articles have an initial impact, the percentage of readers that will adhere to it is probably quite low. Instead of the author of the article not being able to accept my little criticism and understand my opinion, he decided it would be fun to troll me, while accuse me of trolling. If I was going to troll, would I comment using my name and display a photograph of myself? That would be pretty stupid and no, I don’t go around the internet trolling.

Before anyone points it out, I know I have full control over what I see and do, if you have read this post properly, you would see that I take appropriate actions to minimize the impact of what I don’t want to see on my social networks. Another note, if you have read all that, thank you and I hope you can see and understand my points, I may not have the best way with words, but I like to think I make some sense at least. 🙂


IRC quotes of win

I tend not to say a lot on IRC lately, in fact, as I’m typing this, I’ve been idle for 2 days 13 hrs 10 mins.

Most people know it as, others as, they’re basically the same site under different URL’s and for the first time in quite a while, I had a quick look on there to find something that some people have a habit of doing…

<TheCheat> I’m pissed off! I’m hungry, bored, my gf’s knocked up, and bitchy, i’m smoking my last cig, i’m out of wee, my d key doesn’t work all the time and my internet sucks cus i have to use a cell phone to get on line, that locks up when ever it feels like it!
<@carnt> TheCheat: Hi! It looks like you’re blogging on IRC. Would you like to: [Add Comments]  [e-Mail this to a Friend] [Digg This!] [Submit to Slashdot] [Add to] [Commit suicide because nobody cares]

IRC is for chatting/discussing/doing stupid shit/sharing funny stuff, nobody cares what your latest life predicament is, that’s what blogging, MySpace, Facebook and Twitter are for. 😀