The End of D4

Although I highlighted all of my D4 stream on Twitch, I’ve been exporting it over several days, so that I’ve had a new video every day on YouTube. The problem is now, I’ve exported the final episode and that’s the end of that playthrough.
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I Retrieved a Package…

Well, the wife did when she went to town and visited the Post Office for me. When the postie knocked the door on Tuesday, he couldn’t have knocked very hard or I’d have heard it. he was delivering a parcel which was too big to fit through the letterbox.

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It’s Going Down, in MGTown

I’m behind. Not just with blog posts, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve visited friends towns and realised just how undeveloped my town is, so I figured I’d do a check to see what I have to do in order to upgrade shops and whatnot, then put those plans into order.

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