More Bad TV Editing

Hostages is a new show where a family are held hostage until the wife, a surgeon who must kill the President while in surgery for some reason, does as the so-called FBI negotiator-turned-terrorist asks. It’s pretty slow-paced and although it’s only the second episode, it’s just not grasping my interest enough.
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More Twitter Sexism, From the BBC

The BBC and sexual scandalism haven’t been the best of friends in the last twelve months and especially after Jimmy Savile died. Operation YewTree weeded out many celebrities who had been involved with, what can only be classed as paedophilia encounters.

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Oh Nicole, You Had ONE Job

Have you heard of the phrase, ‘a rule of thumb’? It usually means, like in this case, that if you’re going to promote something and especially the latest and greatest product from an internationally renown company, you would use said product when waxing lyrical about it.

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When News Fails

It’s a relatively common sight, you’re browsing a news site, whether it be of a newspaper or purely internet-based, and you see a word in the headline that either shouldn’t be there or is a derivative of what should have been used. But what’s worse is when they go to start a paragraph or sentence and only get as far as one word…

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