Why Amateur Mirror Shots Fail

There are loads of models on Twitter that like to post teaser photos, but the mirror shot needs to be phased out. To be honest, it’s not really that much of a turn on anyway, is it? I’d rather see a photo that someone has taken of themself with a proper camera using the timer, not in front of a mirror with their phone.

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Sucker Punch and Doughnuts

Had quite a nice afternoon in Birmingham when going to the cinema to watch Sucker Punch and as I said on the UK Facebook page, forget what crappy critics say because if you really took that much notice of the shite they spout, you would miss out on some great stuff.


Due to it being Wednesday and still having an Orange SIM, I was able to take the wife and we got in for the price of one for Orange Wednesday. That’s not saying we don’t think movies aren’t worth paying full price to see, they must be subsidised somehow, I dunno how it works, but it’s better for us due to travel expenses too.

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Titty Tuesday

One of the nicer things about being on Twitter is following babes that like to adhere to the hashtags #tittytuesday, #tittietusday/#tittiestuesday and even a dedicated Twitter account at @TittieTuesday where images such as…

…can be seen and that’s a tame version.

Then there’s #ThongThursday, that’s a whole new story…