Which Minecraft World?

I have 3 seeds (worlds) in my PS4 Minecraft game; one is a small world which was my PS3 save, another is a large world I created, but before TU19. Then I was given another seed called WholeNewWorld which is a decent world with plenty going on, but I’m not sure which to play.

MC PS4 Diamonds
It’s not so much about the old PS3 map, that’s just something I go back to now and then. I don’t know whether to carry on with the WholeNewWorld seed that I’ve got to a certain point with or continue my existing PS4 Minecraft (that’s the seed name) seed and see if I can find name tags.

That was the problem, when TU19 was introduced, my existing world was updated with all the new features except name tags. That said, I’ve been exploring underground and found mines as well as the usual resources like iron, lapis, redstone and even diamonds, but the chests I’ve discovered so far haven’t yielded any name tags.

I tried resetting the Nether to see if that had any effect as I’d heard someone say they were going to do it, but except for my portals being put right next to fortress walls, I’m yet to have any success. I’ve already found two name tags in the WholeNewWorld seed, but that was created after TU19.