Old Minecraft, New Tablet

There is an old Minecraft video on my PlayStation 4 in the SHAREfactory app which I thought I could delete, then I remembered it failed, so I uploaded it and it still won’t delete from the console. I also have a new Android tablet which has awesome specifications, read on for all the deets!

I went to ASDA with the family and we always have a look around the tech/gaming section, especially where they keep the tablets since they usually have some really good offers on decent brands of tablets.

The one on the ASDA website is just a Polaroid Tab 8 of which they had an abundance of in the cabinet, but then I spotted a Tab 10 in there just as the wife did, so I asked to take a look. The Tab 8 is £120, the Tab 10 was £109…

Polaroid Tab 10 Spec:
RK3188 Quad Core X-A9 1.6 GHz CPU
LCD 10.1″ 1920×1200 IPS
2MP Front, 5MP Rear cameras
16GB Storage
Capacitive FHD screen
7800 mAh High Battery
Android 4.4.2

Finally got a new #tablet which is 20x faster than my old one! #Tech #Geek #Android

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My only complaint is that you can only add an extra 16GB of storage and the screen resolution is 1024×768. Otherwise, it’s an absolute bargain for what you get!