A Crafty Bunneh

I’m still able to upload certain Minecraft videos via the PlayStation 4 thanks to its ability to record up to 15 minutes of gameplay. So, while in Creative Mode, I went and slayed the Ender Dragon which then rolled the end credits.

The reason I was in Creative Mode was due to wanting to find the End Portal and, after only thinking about it once I’d done about six maps, I used the Eye of Ender to find where it is. Although, it didn’t lead me to the exact co-ordinates as I’d dug right down until I reached bedrock. So I flew up some levels and started to dig in a direction which brought me to the stronghold and therefore to the End Portal.

It was all too much for MGHQ Bunneh…

So excited to get into some #gaming this year, MGHQ Bunneh is ecstatic!

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