Happy New Year 2015

The usual start to another blogging year, I’m having to back date this because I missed the deadline for it to post on 01/01/15. Basically, I’m back on WordPress.com. I tried Blogger for a year and I just couldn’t hack it any longer, it’s a terrible blogging system, I don’t know how people can use it.

That’s all personal preferences and opinions, so I’m not going to argue about it, Blogger just isn’t for me. To go with other daily stuff, I’ll be doing short daily blogs, nothing too in-depth unless I feel it’s necessary. Mostly gaming updates and since this will post to my Facebook page, I won’t need to update that as often.

WordPress can publicize to FB, G+, Twitter and Tumblr, all the main social sources! There will be more daily action from me across various places, a couple of which are YouTube and Instagram, since WP allows embeds from them!

As I set up social links in the sidebar, here’s a list;
http://j.mp/MGaGGP (Please Circle)
http://j.mp/MGaGFB (Please Like)
http://j.mp/MGaGTV (Follow for streams)
http://j.mp/MGaGTw (Please follow)