Hostages Take 2

More Bad TV Editing

Hostages is a new show where a family are held hostage until the wife, a surgeon who must kill the President while in surgery for some reason, does as the so-called FBI negotiator-turned-terrorist asks. It’s pretty slow-paced and although it’s only the second episode, it’s just not grasping my interest enough.

Anyway, as if the show isn’t bad enough, someone should be slapped for such a bad editing mistake…

Hostages Take 1
First, the wife has walked in the kitchen and Mr FBI is sitting there, the newspaper is low and kind of resting on his lap…

Hostages Take 2
Then, a couple of frames later, he’s drinking from the mug and the newspaper is resting more on the table due to being held higher.

Such an obvious bad continuation error, spoils it for me.
The ratings aren’t particularly high, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t last very long.