GA: ACNL Hair, Pics and Gifts

So, I’m still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf (or ACNL for short) and here I am with a monthly update. There have been shooting stars, some badge earning and a couple of Birthdays, a resident has left, but a new one is moving in!

Let’s do this in chronological order as there are 14 images to go through…

Sept 3rd

ACNL Shooting Star ACNL Samaritan Badge

There were shooting stars that night, so I wished upon one to get a gift (forgot what it was) and Phineas was in town to hand out some badges, so I received the Good Samaritan badge that day!

Sept 4th

ACNL Coffee Shop

Not a lot happened, so just had coffee.

Sept 5th

ACNL Visitor Katie

Another slow day, brightened up by a passing visitor, Katie!

Sept 7th

ANCL Fairy clock ACNL Chrissy Birthday

The Public Works Project as requested by Aurora was completed, a Fairy Clock which was placed next to the Fairy Bench and was also Tucker’s Birthday, so went to give him a gift!

Sept 10th

ACNL Shampoodle ACNL Village Leader

After spending 12,000 Bells on one item in the Able Sisters shop, Kicks had opened (last month, hence no pic) and once a week or so had passed, Shampoodle opened. Later that day, Phineas was back in town and I got the Village Leader badge.

Sept 11th

ACNL Fortune Telling

As I’m working on getting the Fortune Teller shop, I need to start having my fortune told more, but she rarely turns up.

Sept 14th

ACNL Hairdo

Got my hair did.

Sept 16th

ACNL Walking Leaf

Finally caught a Walking Leaf. Every time I would see one, I’d just go bounding up to it, thinking it was an item that had fallen out of a tree. As I would reach it, it would scuttle away, not this time though!

Sept 19th

ACNL Autumn Moon

It was Autumn Moon, did you take your picture?

Sept 27th

ACNL Re-Tail ACNL Camper Sally

Wow. Well that’s the last time I give Apple something so special… Well, Chrissy gave me the Mr. Flamingo for some reason and so I gave it to Apple for her Birthday on the 24th. I went in to Re-Tail and what do I see? Mr. Flamingo being sold by Apple in there :-/

Also, it looks like the wife managed to convince camper Sally to move to town, she will replace Leonardo who moved out about a week ago!

And that’s it for this month, those were the highlights and I’ll do the same next month for the sake of keeping a record if nobody else is interested…