I Retrieved a Package…

Well, the wife did when she went to town and visited the Post Office for me. When the postie knocked the door on Tuesday, he couldn’t have knocked very hard or I’d have heard it. he was delivering a parcel which was too big to fit through the letterbox.

I had a feeling what it was, but I certainly wasn’t expecting the version that was sent…

GTA V LE GuideThe absolutely awesome PR guy only done gone send the Limited Edition of the Grand Theft Auto V guide!

I’d asked about receiving limited editions before, but I was usually too late, so I made sure I showed interest early on and even sent a follow-up email just last week. This is beyond brilliant and I appreciate it immensely to get something which is almost as hot as the actual game.

It will have a severe thumbing-through before a review goes up on Mental Gamers this weekend!