More Twitter Sexism, From the BBC

The BBC and sexual scandalism haven’t been the best of friends in the last twelve months and especially after Jimmy Savile died. Operation YewTree weeded out many celebrities who had been involved with, what can only be classed as paedophilia encounters.

Sexism has become a big issue in more recent times with the Twitter tag #EverydaySexism consisting of many people in outrage of how others can so nonchalantly say things which wouldn’t have been out of place around 60 years ago. Some might say it’s Political Correctness gone mad, well, it’s not so much about being PC these days, it’s more about being aware of Human Rights and generally not being a ‘bitch’ or ‘douchebag’.

Someone who definitely shouldn’t be tweeting things considered sexist is the BBC. Todays example really does not do them any favours…

BBC R1 Sexism

Author: MGAceman

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