It’s Going Down, in MGTown

I’m behind. Not just with blog posts, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve visited friends towns and realised just how undeveloped my town is, so I figured I’d do a check to see what I have to do in order to upgrade shops and whatnot, then put those plans into order.

First off, I wanted to upgrade the museum and all we needed to do (the wife also plays the game as a resident in the town) was buy a piece of art to donate, that would mean we have donated at least 20 items for each section (fish, bugs, fossils and art)…

Museum 2nd floor

Once the second floor of the museum was open, it gave me a chance to buy the silver fishing rod, which has helped catching some fish a bit easier…

silver rod

While on the way to the museum to check out the new expansion, I had to walk past The Able Sisters shop and in between their shop and the museum, it seems something else is occurring…

shop under construction

Because of spending so much in the shop, it meant a new shop called Kicks will be built, so that means a new place to buy new shoes, but hopefully, because of spending even more than required, hopefully the Shampoodle shop will be the next to be built. Not only that, but I went and bought a bunch of stuff in the T&T Super mart and that seemed to be enough to cause that to close for remodelling.

T&T Remodelling

So, there you go. Busy busy busy in MGTown with things finally in the process of being built and upgraded, I’ll soon be up to speed with the rest of the gang!