Mens Designer Becoming Popular

Seeing The Hut’s email about a free Jack & Jones tee if you buy crappy sunglasses… So many guys seem to have discovered Jack & Jones recently as I’ve noticed more and more t-shirts being worn and I think it’s great!

I’ve been wearing Jack & Jones tees for some years now and quite recently, one of the tees I wear gained a comment from someone who liked its retro style (the words were in the style of 70’s lined text) and this is what should be happening with a designer label which is gradually becoming more mainstream.

It’s not as if Jack & Jones clothing is expensive, t-shirts can be found for as low as £8 and the jeans average between £40 to £50 and up to around £80. At the time of posting, the is a sale on at the Birmingham shop in which the jeans are half price, but it seems the bigger sizes have gone and mostly 28″ waist is all that’s left, what do you expect when they’re only £20?

I think it’s a great underrated label which is now getting more exposure, check them out for yourself and join in with a comfortable, well washable brand for men.

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On amazon.

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