“Retro” Alarm Clock?

I was looking on Facebook and noticed a post by a website that was classing digital alarm clocks as old and retro, this led me to wonder, what is considered a current, modern alarm clock?

I used to have a really old style alarm clock which plugged into the wall, but had an analogue face with a big square button on top to blat and give you another five minutes.

Digital Alarm ClockThen I figured it was time to get something newer and better, so it was time to go digital, that was when I got not one, but two digital clock radios for Christmas and was pretty easy to choose which one I would use.

They were both good clocks, the one from my uncle was the smaller kind with a fairly big display, but the one that I preferred was off my Dad which was a wide, slimmer version that even had a light on the radio selector indicator, and was gold coloured.

These are the old digital clock radios that are now considered “retro”? I wouldn’t have thought so, but apparently, that’s what some people are calling them…