Another Virgin Media Experience

Since 2010, our Virgin Media service has been poor. There haven’t been too many problems with the TV, but broadband has been terrible, so much so, we’ve had to be compensated several times due to a loss of service. This time, it was the phone line.

Last Friday, the phone died, nothing was happening, not even a crackle. So I tweeted about it…

Their reply:

Virgin Media

You have to excuse their stupidity sometimes, their customer service has been voted as being quite poor in the past and it’s not much better now. Anyway, I had already visited the website and booked an engineer to come out and repair the issue, but that meant waiting all weekend, so we had no phone connection from Friday (when we discovered the problem) until Monday (today).

So, the engineer came and asked about the fault, went off to check something and returned. I think the term is heavy-handed, which is where someone doesn’t take too much care in how they handle things. He yanked the plug out of the socket, causing the spring clip to break, then when confronted about breaking it, claimed it was already broke.

broken plug

No, no it wasn’t. I’d only taken it out myself on Friday evening to test the line with a different phone and it was perfectly fine, the clip was intact and sat very snugly in the socket. Then there was the matter of moving the TV unit to access where the phone extension was plugged in (in a Belkin Surge Protector behind the TV) of which he didn’t ask permission to, then he almost pulled the phone out of the wall socket (it has to be plugged in for the answer machine), it’s like he hardly gave a thought to his actions.

Basically, his attitude was (I don’t think he realised what we meant when saying he had a bad attitude), if he breaks something, Virgin Media will replace it. Do you really want someone who could be that much of a liability to your company? He seemed quite young and fairly new to the job and I know it’s a Monday morning, but really, try not to be so casual and be more professional about your job.

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