What Happened To Limited Edition Music?

There was nothing like the feeling of going into your local indie record shop every week to see which new singles were released or what new stock they had and if they didn’t have what you wanted and you got to know them well enough, they would get it for you.

Does anyone still do that? Now that the industry has been taken over by MP3/iTunes downloads, does nobody really care about music anymore? It’s as if people just want that quick fix and rather than actually go out and get that CD single which could have up to six tracks on it for around £1.99, they’ll just fork out 99p for just one track.


It was a great feeling to pick up the sleeve and see what was included and as you can see by a couple of them in the image, they even had DVD video, not just a music video, but interview and album track snippets, too. You don’t get that with an MP3 download.

Oh and this just refers to CD singles, not albums.