Hey, Men, Get Some Style!

Every year, for the last 5 years or so, I check on what style of clothes is fashionable for men to wear that summer since all I used to wear were dark coloured clothes such as black, blue and grey, I would rarely wear anything too ‘exciting’, so I decided to change that.

I started by going through my wardrobe and finding out the dull and boring colours and then replacing those with newer and brighter colours. One of the first was an orange t-shirt, followed by more varied styles until I eventually had a nice variety to choose from which weren’t so miserable and it actually made me feel better to go out in less monotonal attire.

Anyway, this years style for men is basically this ————–»Mens Spring/Summer Style 2013

Short sleeved shirts with the arms turned up. The shirts can be actual short-sleeved with the turn-ups, the image is just one of the styles, but the pattern is also a suggestion of what guys should go for this summer.

Apparently, being bold is the way to go. Bright and bold, but I’m not so sure about paisley, does that really need a come-back? Paisley shirts were all the rage back in the 1980’s and I used to have a favourite purple/maroon one, but I don’t think they should be brought back into fashion, ever.

The shorts are simple, again, with the turn-ups, but not cargo shorts. I guess you could call them ‘sailor’ shorts, they don’t have to be white, just a bright colour like yellow, lime or orange. OK, I’ll say it, that may seem “gay” to some guys and to be honest, they’re not the colours I would go for and would prefer less vibrant tones, but just go for whatever you feel comfortable and can get away with!

The shoes don’t seem all that important, the main thing is they should be suede. That gives you a wide choice of what style and brand of footwear you can stick on your feet, the thing that is important is that you don’t wear socks. Not that you should anyway, I think it depends on the shoe and you may be more comfortable with some shoe liner socks just to ease the roughness of the inside of the shoe.

Dependant on your shirt (although, I’ve seen some examples which just look a complete mess), you could even try a jacket. I mean a blazer jacket, although, bomber jackets and even the leather sleeved style (like Letterman jackets) are recommended.

General pattern trends are striped, [alternative] camo and the colours orange and blue are what appear to be the highlights of what to wear this year, even the denim jacket (with rolled up sleeves) is part of the Spring/Summer 2013 range for men.

It might seem that a  lot of 1980’s fashion is coming back (again) and to an extent, one of the hairstyles is making a comeback… the side parting. The side parting became quite synonymous with Mods and New Romantics, even I tried it in the mid-eighties, but it never really suited me, so I’ll be having a go at the other hairstyle which is set to be the one for 2013.

Mens Hair 2013

My hair is already fairly long on top and I like it short at the sides and back anyway, so a mix of the middle and right pics is what I would probably aim for. My hair may not be quite as thick as the guys in the image, but I reckon I could pull it off and mixed with the style of clothes I have in mind, I could be quite the fashionable one this year!