The Perils of Beauty

I don’t really treat my skin as good as I should, I use typical manly products to wash and bathe and shave, but I don’t moisturise as much as I should, so when I did decide to use some, it went a little too close to my eye.

red eyeYou wouldn’t think it would be that bad, oh yes, my eye was red for quite some time.

No matter how you try to avoid getting too close to the eye, you always do and that’s when you start to feel the sting… then the eye waters and there’s not much you can do until you’ve washed off the moisturiser off your hands.

Then it’s a case of wiping and holding the towel there for the next ten minutes or so, until the stinging has subdued and then you just have to wipe the odd tear away.

The things people go through for the sake of beauty treatment, eh!

Author: MGAceman

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