The HMV Tweets in Full

Most people only got most of the tweets before they were deleted by the Marketing Director, but thanks to the internet and a lot of people favouriting and retweeting HMV’s tweets, I can now bring you, in cronological order, the tweets.

twitter-bird-light-bgs“We’re tweeting live from HR where we’re all being fired! Exciting!! #hmvXFactorFiring

“There are over 60 of us being fired at once! Mass execution, of loyal employees who love the brand. #hmvXFactorFiring

“Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long. Under contract, we’ve been unable to say a word, or -more importantly – tell the truth #hmvXFactorFiring

“Just overheard our Marketing Director (he’s staying, folks) ask “How do I shut down Twitter?” #hmvXFactorFiring

“Under usual circumstances, we’d never dare do such a thing as this. However, when the company you dearly love is being ruined…”

“…and those hard working individuals, who wanted to make hmv great again, have mostly been fired, there seemed no other choice.”

“Especially since these accounts were set up by an intern (unpaid, technically illegal) two years ago.”

“So really, what have we to lose? It’s been a pleasure folks! Best wishes to you all!”

And now it seems the management are back in control as they’ve just tweeted…

So there you go. They’re just passing it off as a “departing colleague”, but it’s OK, the fatcats are still there, probably puffing away on their fat cigars and wondering what to do next. Whether HMV can reclaim any dignity from this is too early to say, we can only thank the brave soul who had access to the Twitter account for expressing how they felt about being let go.

Stores are still open as they try to sell off old stock, but images from said “sales” seem to show they aren’t dropping prices very far. There are mixed emotions about HMV at the moment, some are displaying hatred towards the long-lived brand and others are showing indifference, but the general consensus says they don’t want to see HMV completely disappear and can hopefully be saved.