TSBO Screen

GA: What The Kissing Sims?!

As previously blogged, I bought The Sims Burstin’ Out and so started to play it, I’d literally only been playing it for a few minutes when all I had to do was kiss another Sim which I thought was a bit strange since I’d only just started and didn’t know anyone.

That was when this popped up…

TSBO Screen

My initial reaction was ‘ARGH! WTF is that?!’.

It must be the most cheesy thing I’ve EVER seen in a Sims game and it happens more than once. The game is kind of OK, there are some aspects that don’t really make sense, like having to move to a better house to get a job promotion. Compared to The Urbz, it really is a whole new experience and not because it’s on the PlayStation 2…