GA: Croon-along-a-Sim

Since my Sim is a partner is most of the businesses in Sunset Valley and therefore entitled to around 12,000 Simoleons each week, I decided it wasn’t worth working, but then I wanted to start performing in parks and do gigs, so I had to join a career.

It’s all new to me and I didn’t know what to expect, it turns out you start off as a ‘sing-a-gram’ which involves other Sims having some kind of life crisis and you have to go and sing to them. Other benefits include being able to host a Sim, not sure what that entails.. and taking part in Karaoke which helps keep the Sims fun level up.


I’ve reached the level where I know a few more songs and can perform different types of sing-a-grams, but it’s still a while before I become the next big popstar!

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