Is Taylor Swift Really Popular?

My reason for wondering why Talyor Swift is so successful is because of the way she has ‘obtained’ material for her songs, she doesn’t even hide the fact that she writes about her Real-Life™ actual downs of any relationships.

Taylor Swift (album)

Is that what people want? To hear about how she’s ‘been hard done by’? Has she made any songs that were about any good times she’s had in relationships?

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a very attractive woman, but what makes her ugly is the way she can make up songs about the bad times and break-ups, she even threatened Harry Styles that she had already written stuff about them breaking up.

If she continues like this, no man is ever going to want her and I guess that will be what she will move onto, songs of rejection. Who wants to be fodder for her next album? She apparently asked Bradley Cooper out at the recent Golden Globe Awards and he turned her down, well done sir, well done.

Her face was ablaze with jealousy over Adele winning though…

Taylor Swift