GA: Sim Colours

One day, I will sort out my Sims 3/Origin problems, the latest one seems to be the colour of some Sims. I’m not against ‘non-white’ Sims, that would just stupid and racist, but these Sims are… not quite right.

Weird Sim

The pictured Sim is what I’m talking about. Her skin is the darkest brown possible, yet she has blonde hair and eyebrows, red cheeks and overly bright lipstick. I’m not sure her hands are supposed to be that black either, they look like my Sims feet when he wears the martial arts outfit.

She’s not the only Sim like that though, the game has so many problems that were never seen in The Sims or The Sims 2 and the only thing that springs to mind is that they push out games without fully testing them, causing thousands of complaints from gamers all over the world and still never fix, despite EA apparently ‘listening’ to us. (Note: they don’t.)