GA: Everybody Was Sim-Fu Fighting

My Sim wanted to visit China for some reason, so I figured why not, another thing I wanted to do was become a master of Martial Arts, so why I’m over there, where better to become a master?!


I had a quick spar with a Sim my previous aceman married, Zelda Mae of whom I thought was at a higher level than green belt. Needless to say since I was a brown belt, I won, but the sparring helps to train the Sims and I wanted to get a bit more training in, so that it wouldn’t take so long to become a black belt before attaining Sim-Fu Master status.

There’s nothing more to do except meditate, once you reach a certain stage of meditation, you can actually teleport yourself to different places, so while I’m doing that, I’ll also be building my inventing skill, too.