GA: Walk Like an Egyption

I’m not sure, but I think I used that headline before *checks… no ¬_¬ * Anyway, decided to take a break and go to Egypt for a bit of an adventure as this aceman Sim isn’t that well travelled, so, got on the computer and booked up for the 3-day break.


Once there, I did a few adventures which earned me enough Visa points to have a longer break next time, but while there, it seems aceman got a little friendly with a fellow adventurer…


I can’t quite remember her name at the moment of posting, but it was a French name and we soon became a Romantic Interest, which is where it gets confusing, because when I ask other Sims ‘what’s being said about me’, I’m referred to a ‘her’ and not ‘him’, so I think the game is a bit glitched.

Love tent
If the tent is a rocking, don’t bother knocking!

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