HMV Enters Administration

If you haven’t already heard, the once high street giant, HMV has had to enter administration and with it, a lot of sentimentalism has arisen from people who used to shop there. Note the key word there, used to.

HMV Nipper logoIt’s all very nice letting people know how often you used to go into a branch to look around and maybe pick up a CD single, who cares? I’m not going to sit here and blub about how it used to be and that I would walk around for ages looking at stuff, I did, but I also bought stuff and although it may have been a few months ago, until recently.

There’s always the argument that online is cheaper, yes it is, that doesn’t mean you have to completely boycott the high street shops, some things are cheap in store, too. The main problem I’ve found with the stores that have gone into administration are the ones who out-priced themselves.

Woolworths tried to enter the videogame market and in the early days, were quite successful, but then amazon and came along with their tax free prices and online shopping was born. All CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and gradually everything else was cheaper to buy online and delivered straight to your door at no extra price.

It will be sad to see it go, as it was with others that have drowned in the sea of retail, but more importantly, the 1000’s of jobs that will be lost. As it is, the Jobcenter expect you to apply for three jobs per week, but how are we supposed to find work when everything is closing down? There’s only sh*t-shovelling type jobs left and anyone with any dignity isn’t going to take just anything.

HMV may continue to carry on in an online capacity only, but that still leaves a lot of people out of work and the UK has only hit rock-bottom since the new government has been in power, they’re fixing nothing and just making things worse, they really have NO idea.