GA: Sim Dating, Please Stop

“Attraction System has been added. This is a new initial romantic system that provides bonuses to socialization and romance when the Sim is attracted by certain attributes.”

That has to be the most annoying update yet. You only have to be in the vicinity of another Sim and they would, “like to get to know you better”, then once you’ve befriended people, they will keep asking you out for dates.

The main problem with this is that it doesn’t matter what that Sims relationship status is, whether they just have a partner or are married, they will call you up and ask you out for a date. Electronic Arts / Maxis, do you not see a problem with that? How would you like it if you’re other half was called by a friend of the opposite sex and asked out on a date? I guess if you have an open relationship, it wouldn’t matter, but I think it’s quite inappropriate and gives the wrong message to younger gamers about how relationships work.

Strange Sim

I’m not sure where she (Diedre Greco) came from, but she’s apparently one of the homeless Sims in the neighbourhood, one of the handy things EA could include in an update is where a Sim lives in the info pop-up when you hover the cursor over their picture in the friends list. Another handy inclusion would be a way of knowing where Sims are when you’re in Map mode, for example; as you’re looking down on the neighbourhood and you have the friends list open, clicking their picture could show where they are, good for when you just want to go and talk to them instead of inviting them over or going on a date.

Homeless Sims

I don’t understand how Sims can ‘move’ into the ‘hood and not move into one of the empty houses, there are some low-end houses that they could start in, but that said, they don’t go anywhere else anyway and just stick to the same property until they die. That’s another thing, a lot of Sims have been dying. I’ll suddenly get the ‘aceman is in mourning…’ message and think, ‘geez, another one?’.

My Sims house

Enough complaining, I still enjoy playing, even though a lot has changed in the update patches. It appears that some stuff has actually been ADDED and not just changed/removed/fixed, there are blueprints which help you create a house by showing ideas of how to lay out the furniture, there are videos on YouTube, speaking of which, I leave you with this…

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