GA: Sim Crazy

More Sims 3 and due to being so much you can and want to do, five and a half hours have passed when you finally decide to save and quit, but while trying to get things done, I still manage to do various other things which take me off track from the main goal.


I (my Sim) was asked out on a date, so I figured, yeah why not and went along, even though it was a little late. Little did I know that she would turn up holding a baby that wasn’t even hers (at least, I don’t think so, the baby had a different surname), so we got talking and got along fine, then things went weird.

My job is a DNA profiler and one of the things I need to do is question people, then do reports on them, not sure why, I think it’s to do with better job performance or something, so I decided to question her. She put the child on the floor who then proceeded to cry most of the time, then after I’d finished and the date was over, I figured I would let my Sim go home and see what she would do next. The crazy lady, despite having the child she was taking care of screaming her little head off on the floor, got her cello out and started busking…

ace & Blair

My romantic interest is Blair Wainwright who doesn’t really ask much of me or even pay attention half the time, but she did call for a date and although we were both quite tired, it was a lot less crazy than with McIrish…