GA: Inventing Sims

I’ve recently started playing The Sims 3 again (as indicated by my Horrors of Origin post) to try and do stuff that a previous Sim couldn’t do due to a bug, something about inventing, but I’ve been a bit busy doing other stuff and am just getting around to getting inventing equipment.


I’ve been shopping around for stuff and especially a camera, but for some reason, you can’t buy a camera locally from your neighbourhood store and to gain any decent photography skill, using your mobile phone just isn’t enough. That meant taking a trip somewhere since I remember buying one with another Sim when in China, so I went to France.

Charred Sim

While there, I decided to do a couple of adventures which earns some cash and Visa Points which allow you to stay for longer when you level up, some are quite hazardous and can leave you feeling burnt out. Anyway, I got the camera, did what I needed to and can move onto other things the Sim ‘needs’ to do!