The Horrors of Origin

Why EA decided to create such an atrocity on the gaming world, I do not know. From what I’ve gathered, not many people like it and think it’s unnecessary, I was happier playing The Sims 3 without it instead of it causing headaches.

Life was so much easier. I could login to take advantage of the new online features, even tweet stuff or send to Facebook, but that all changed when Origin came along. I even have TWO Origin accounts for some reason (which I think I’ve mentioned before… multiple times), none of which log me in with The Sims 3 game and when I do try to log in, it opens up the browser for me to register.

Skinny Dippping Sims

I don’t think I can register the game since I already have, my profile is at, so how am I supposed to register it again? It’s just ridiculous that, from what I can gather, I have to register again, but I’m not sure it would work since the game is already registered, to me.


I was extremely happy before Origin came along and messed everything up, I don’t know why EA couldn’t have left things the way they were, things worked a lot better back then and I could play without having to open a separate program. Now it just sucks.

Why do you have to spoil gamers fun, Electronic Arts?