GA: Skyrim in Oblivion

I had played so much of Oblivion before having to start again, but one thing I never noticed before were the many references to Skyrim, things people say, right down to even Dragonborn being mentioned and even decorations on things like doors.

Imperial College

I know there are certain things mentioned in Skyrim since it’s supposed to be set after Oblivion anyway, but to see and hear so much about Skyrim in Oblivion was a big surprise. The main thing I remember when playing Skyrim were the Blades and that’s probably because you get to be a part of them so early in Oblivion.

Dohna Keyn

There’s nothing I want to do differently in Oblivion from last time as it’s not as if any choices would really make much difference, although, I did manage to keep Baurus alive this time during the part where you meet the Mythic Dawn guy, so that’s something…

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