British Airways’ Social Media Lapse

Once again, a highly reputable international conglomerate has become the victim of what could possibly be either a disgruntled employee, a janitor passing a computer or a relative of an employee who happened to be at a computer or device that was connected to the British Airways Twitter account.

The original tweet was from an angry customer who had apparently had his flight cancelled and therefore, wanted to vent his distaste towards the airlines handling of the situation by tweeting, “@British_Airways F**k you. F**kin cancelling my flight! #bunchofc**ts”.

jae jang ladd, a muscular angry Asian guy became internet famous for five minutes when another user, GordonQiu9 (or Asian Ronaldo as he was known, since he has either decided to rename the account or has left/been kicked off Twitter) retweeted JaeLadd‘s outburst, but also added, “go back to your f**king country you gook”. What made matters worse is that whoever saw that British Airways Twitter @Mention, took it upon themselves to take control and retweet the whole GordonQiu9 tweet.


BA did eventually get around to apologising when they discovered the gaff had been seen by millions within the hour that it was visible and even more will be able to see in the above screenshot which was taken while the retweet was still there, but the page hadn’t been refreshed.

This is just the latest in a long line of ‘when Twitter goes wrong’ scenarios, but what makes this twice as offensive is how someone added a racial slur to it and that’s what was retweeted on the official British Airways Twitter account.